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Student's followup

Student Follow-up chart

By understanding the importance of follow up, class teacher takes the follow up of every student personally.

As per the appointment and prior intimation, in presence of all the faculties students follow up is taken.

It focuses whether the work is done according to Study planner or not.

The main aspects of Follow up are as follows:

  1. Syllabus and Teaching.
  2. Daily Practice Sheets [Paper]
  3. Entrance Exams Self Study
  4. Board Exams Self Study.
  5. Doubt Clearance.
  6. Note Book Completion
  7. Other problems Related to [Academics and personal]
  8. Weekly Planner
  9. Question Paper
  10. Oral Tests.
  • Students are given Study Planner after every 10 to 15 days.
  • It includes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.
  • Students are given exact study time table for morning afternoon and evening sessions.
  • Students are made aware with Study Planner well in advance so that they can plan out their study accordingly.
  • Students study accordingly. [They study through Lectures / Self Study / Notes / Doubts Sessions / and Daily Practice Papers.]
  • It is essential for students to maintain their notebooks so that they can use them in their learning.
  • By considering the importance of notebooks and its values on presentation students are asked to maintain their registers appropriately.
  • Their notebooks are checked systematically and instructions are given accordingly.
  • To know the current status of the student we provide Daily Practice Sheets.
  • Daily practice Sheets are provided to the students, based on the H.S.C Board Exam [12th ] and for Various Entrance Exams both.
  • Later, on the basis of their Daily Practice Sheets we prepare an Analysis Report of the difficulties faced by the students while solving the Practice Sheets.
  • It determines where the student is lacking and we can work out accordingly in his/Her weak areas or to give them remedy for it.
  • Based on this process we counsel the children by our expertise and faculties for better performance in future.
  • Discussion of academic progress of students.
  • Analysis of marks by graphical presentation.
  • Suggestions on better improvement for coming exams.
  • Personal meeting with faculties.
  • Solution on all problems of students.
  • We believe in counselling as it is necessary to prepare the students for the challenges of the 21st century through academic, career, and personal/social development and so we conduct Personal Counselling sessions on Relates educational program to future success.
  • Facilitates career exploration and development.
  • Develops decision-making and problem solving skills.
  • Assists in acquiring knowledge of self and others.
  • Enhances personal development.
  • Assists in developing effective interpersonal relationship skills. and so on……
  • Students are free to speak about the syllabus whether it is conducted as per the planning or not.
  • They are asked whether they are able to understand the teaching or their difficulties in various subjects.